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So. Cal. Winery Review Takes a Look at Chateau 55

Jim Treglio of So. Cal. Winery Review wrote an article reviewing our facility and services. Take a look below to see what he wrote: “If you’ve read much of the material on this website, you are probably aware by now that I have two pet peeves – serving red wines at room temperature and storing […]

How Does Wine Storage Compare to Beer or Spirits Storage

When it comes to proper wine storage, some may jump to the conclusion that it’s similar to that of beer or spirits. However, due to wine’s lower alcohol percentage, it is a perishable item that can spoil quickly when not kept in ideal conditions. If you have a collection of fine wines that are made […]

How to Buy Wine at an Auction

  Are you a serious wine collector who’s looking to level-up your wine purchasing practice? If so, buying wine at an auction may be the right next step for you. These lively events are not only fun, but educative, with plenty of impressive collectors and passionate sommeliers to chat wine with while you sip at […]

Wine Transportation 101

Whether you’re moving or simply want to store your wine collection at a professional temperature-controlled facility, it’s important that you know the best practices to safely and effectively complete your wine transportation.   You’ve invested both time and money collecting your wine, so why would you risk its integrity with a DIY move? If you’re […]

Health Benefits of Wine

By now, most of us have seen headlines stating that a glass of wine each day can provide some sort of health benefit. The best part? It’s true! When consumed responsibly, certain amounts of wine have been scientifically proven to provide people with a wide variety of health benefits. So go ahead, pour yourself a […]

Buying Wine Online

Whether you’ve already forayed into the world of online wine purchases or are hoping to expand your wine collection and want to learn the ins and outs of buying wine online, we’re here to help you feel more comfortable to shift your purchasing practice to the digital realm.   Although the process may seem intimidating […]

Quick Tips on Finding the Best Wine North County Has to Offer

The search for the perfect bottle of North County wine can be a daunting affair. How can you possibly decide when presented with such a wide variety to choose from? The simple fact is that there is a wine that fits right with your palate and budget; finding it is going to be tricky but […]

Wine Origins and How San Diego Got Its Start

Many of the best-known wines today are from wine regions in Western Europe and the United States. However, history indicates otherwise: wine making can trace its origins to the Middle East, Western Asia, and Eastern Europe. And those regions are slowly coming back into prominence. Plus, the wines they produce are really different from the […]

Which Wines Are Best Served at a Party?

San Diego is known to have a variety of local wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms.   This means choosing the best wine to serve at a party can be challenging with all the choices available. While we do not sell wine from our San Diego wine cellar, Chateau 55, we know that many do. And […]

Tips for Building Your Own Wine Collection

With plenty of local vineyards around and some of the best wineries and tasting rooms, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you wanted to start your own wine collection in San Diego as well. If you’re interested, we’ve listed some tips for research, sources for information, and wine storage units that are available locally in […]