Buying Wine Online

Whether you’ve already forayed into the world of online wine purchases or are hoping to expand your wine collection and want to learn the ins and outs of buying wine online, we’re here to help you feel more comfortable to shift your purchasing practice to the digital realm.

Although the process may seem intimidating at first, there are easy methods that wine collectors can use to streamline the online wine ordering process and add to their impeccable wine collections.

Check Your Location for Mailing Details and Shipment Hurdles

In America, the shipment and transport guidelines for wine vary between states. For the most part, shipments can be made from state to state easily and without obstacles. However, there are some states and regions where the rules dictate that wine shipments cannot be brought into the state from a retailer, while others don’t allow wine shipments at all. Before ordering any wine online, make sure that you take the time to research your state’s legislation on having wine delivered to you via mail.

Buy Directly from a Winery You Love

When it comes to wine, many collectors have their clear winery preferences. These are the wineries that are consistent with their product, service, and value, with many of them offering online discounts to registered members. If you’re an experienced wine collector who’s looking to add rare finds to a collection from a winery you’re familiar with, choosing to buy directly from them may be the most cost-effective route to buying wine online.

Go in With a Budget in Mind

Just like other online shopping practices, it’s easy to get carried away when finding enticing bottles to add to your “cart.” However, when you go online with a clear budget and a list of ideal bottles that you’d like to add to your collection, it’s that much easier to complete your shopping without regret or feeling like you’ve missed out on a good find.

Always Read Merchant Reviews

When you’re buying your wine, you want to trust the merchant that you’re purchasing from has a reputation for providing best-in-class services. Thankfully, online shopping allows you to easily find previous customer reviews can help you ensure that your online wine ordering experience will be a pleasant and satisfying one.

Stay Aware of the Outdoor Temperatures When Buying Wine Online

It may seem counterintuitive to only use an online ordering service during certain times of the year, but it’s important to remember that wine and heat do not mix. During warm seasons, bottles that are shipped will most probably spend some time in hot delivery trucks, so try to avoid ordering from wineries or merchants that are far away from where you are.

When you utilize the above best practice tips and tricks for online wine ordering, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to expand and enjoy your wine collection for years to come.