Things to Know If You’re Interested in Investing in the Wine Market

As what business experts say, the wine market investment for Bordeaux wine is set on a roller coaster ride. This analogy is a perfect description for this type of business because it has been marked by many ups and downs.

It can be recalled that the Bordeaux wine investment was at the top during the summer of 2008. However, the prices came crashing down later that year due to stock market issues.

The Rise And Fall Cycle Of The Wine Market

The Bordeaux wine market continues to be unstable somewhat, as it will occasionally lose traction and gain ground all over in the same cycle. One of the essentials to investing in the Bordeaux wine market is in the success of its futures.

First Growth Bordeaux wines are among the most popular and expensive wines in the world. But, First Growth producers have tried setting an example of caution due to the deepening economic crisis in 2008. Thus, they have offered the sale of wine at the lowest since 2002. Thus, sales of the First Growths were comparatively brisk in which Latour and Lafite led the pack.

Heading In The Right Direction

Thus, the sales of Lafite skyrocketed to 300%, while Latour doubled in price. Most of the 2008 Bordeaux haven’t moved much in terms of prices. Due to the success of the campaign for the futures, consumers should learn where the direction of the fine market is heading.

Other indications can also tell about the direction of Bordeaux wines. This would include the Chateau Lafite Rothschild, which is still the most collectible. The Lafite also continued to lead the bounce back in the world market for wines. Nevertheless, the wine from Pomerol named Petrus has also reached all-time highs at the same sale in Hong Kong.

Strong Demand In Asia

The growth in demand from Asia might be an indication of a strong market, but the market in the U.S. and London have still been weak. So, there might be some questions surrounding the direction of Bordeaux prices as well as other collectible wines.

Good thing sales are heading out to China, but this will have a knock-off impact on other First Growths, which would lead down the chain. So, the continued sale of Lafite would result to lesser consumers in the west.

Take note that most wines sold to China are at the top end, but many wealthy buyers don’t know anything about wine, since China is just a young market. So, if they would discover Lafite is not the sole fine wine, leading to a bigger range of wines to buy.

First Growths Are Worthy Investments

But the Chinese don’t like Haut Brion, it lags behind other First Growths. However, the quality is great, so buy in order to invest to what the Chinese would purchase tomorrow. In this case, Latour is expected to be the next Lafite.

The year 2008 offers vintage wines, giving great pleasure for your palate and relieving your bank account. However, such would not be the focus of wine investors. Some wines from 2009 also deserve some attention, since most of them are offered at fair prices. Nevertheless, First Growths are the best choice if you are planning to invest in wine retail business.

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