How to Buy Wine at an Auction


Are you a serious wine collector who’s looking to level-up your wine purchasing practice? If so, buying wine at an auction may be the right next step for you. These lively events are not only fun, but educative, with plenty of impressive collectors and passionate sommeliers to chat wine with while you sip at delicious samples.


Why a Wine Auction is the Place to Find Top-Notch Wines


When it comes to sourcing and purchasing fine wine for your wine collection, there is no place quite like a live wine lot auction. There are quite often rare bottles and products that you won’t find at many merchants or even wineries. Although the live auction environment is stimulating and exciting, some collectors choose to bid online for their favorite rare vintages.


Enter the Auction with a Sense of What You Want


If you do plan to do some bidding at a live auction or online, it’s beneficial and cost-effective to have an idea of the style, items, and bottles that you plan to bid on. Take time to do your research beforehand to see what specific wines have previously sold for, and go in with a general budget of what you’d ideally like to spend.


At a wine auction, there is often an index that allows you to see what wines will be up for auction beforehand. Find the ones that interest you, and research estimations of worth online. However, live auctions are just that – live – and people are known to pay much more or much less than what a bottle may typically be worth outside of the wine lot.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions


Whether you’re an experienced wine auction attendee or are planning to have your first experience on the wine lot, there are plenty of people in the fine wine community who are always happy to answer your questions. Make small talk, discuss collections, and ask any questions you may have about a certain type of wine or how the auction itself usually plays out.

Know that All Wine Auctions are Different


Experienced collectors and auction-goers know that no wine auction is the same as the next, as the type of fine wine and array of varieties up for auction are always changing. Some wine lots may be known to undervalue their wine, while others typically mark up their wine. Some wine lots offer mixed lots, a collection of a variety of wines of the same wine.


Be smart about how you go about your next wine auction experience. With the right strategy and proper research, you may be able to find some spectacular wines to increase the value of your collection or to simply enjoy during a celebration.

Wine Transportation 101

Whether you’re moving or simply want to store your wine collection at a professional temperature-controlled facility, it’s important that you know the best practices to safely and effectively complete your wine transportation.


You’ve invested both time and money collecting your wine, so why would you risk its integrity with a DIY move? If you’re looking for professional wine transportation or hiring a refrigerated moving van, use the following tips to move your wine safely from point A to point B.


Get the Worth of Your Collection Professionally Appraised


Do you have a large or high-value collection of fine wines? If so, it may be a worthy investment to have your collection professional appraised before you hire a wine transportation specialist. These professionals will be able to help you get an idea of the estimated worth of your wine so that you can let a wine moving business know. Additionally, having your collection appraised allows you to notify a wine storage company of your collection’s value so that you won’t have to take that step later.

Find a Professional Wine Moving Company


In Southern California, the temperatures can get extremely warm during the summer months, making wine transportation risky. Thankfully, there are climate-controlled vehicles available to transport your collection where you need it to go. Whether you’re moving into a new home or transporting your wine to a temperature-controlled facility, these professionals will use their expertise to get the job done right.


How Should You Pack Your Wine for Moving?

One of the most important steps in wine transportation 101 is ensuring that you’re packing your wine correctly for a safe move. Pack all bottles on their side, and be sure to keep the bottles closed for seven days after they’re settled in their new home to preserve flavor. If you decide that you’ll be able to manage a move by yourself, find professional-grade boxes used by retailers or wineries to transport their boxes. They may be available for purchase at wineries, merchants, or here at Chateau 55 so check your local area.


At Chateau 55, we’re proud to provide Southern California residents with best-in-class wine transportation services all over the region. From professional hand-packing services to the logistical planning of your wine transportation process, we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you’ve previously had your collection appraised, we provide cargo insurance for the entirety of your wine moving service and are dedicated to delivering and unloading your wine safely and successfully.


For more information on Chateau 55’s wine transportation service, call us at 858-373-9463 today. Our experienced professionals can help you keep your fine wine collection in its best condition throughout its transportation journey.